Driving on the Highway of Life

Driving down the highway of life..sometimes there are curves, sometimes its a straightaway. Most times I am thinking...where's the exit?!?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spring has Sprung

Pardon the pun, but Spring has indeed spring. Teaching 12 year olds with hormones running amok? OMG!! Yes, sunshine brings out the best and worst in them. Whining because they want to be outside in the sun, but complaining that it is too hot in the classroom. Hello...however hot it is in here, it is cooler than outside.

Then today (after 4 days of grueling heat with mugginess) what do we get? Yep, torrential rain! WELCOME TO OREGON! It's like living in a bi-polar weather system.

It's fine...I will make it. Only 15 more days until school is out. (school days that is!) I am getting ready for the marathon in October (well, you wouldn't really know it from my lack of working out), but I am getting my butt moving!

Here's to spring and summer...eating right, getting in shape...getting control of it all!

One step at a time!


Monday, March 10, 2008

Getting Fit?

Well, I am on a mission...a mission to get fit. Here's how that looks for me:

1. Walking on Wednesdays/ Fridays and Saturdays with the HB Lee-er's.

2. Being part of the HB Lee Biggest Loser Club

3. Eating Healthy

Yep...That's my plan! :)


Thursday, February 28, 2008

I am slow but steady

Okay...long ago I said thast I was going to start writing in the blog again! My life is crazy! Yet, every B day (at school) I manage to update the blog for my students but not this one.


Update this blog every B Day!

Here I go!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The tragedy of loss

Life is an odd thing...I mean I know that this is obvious, you take what is thrown at you...

The last few weeks have been strange, ones that I wouldn't want to go through again. An acquaintance of ours committed suicide, leaving a wife and two small children. My husband is very close to his father. It has been tragic! What gets you to that point when you feel like there is no hope? That the love you have for your family isn't enough? I can't imagine. It's sad...

It does make one ponder,,,life is precious. To watch others suffer because they can't even grasp what it was to make this man take his life is beyond tragic. It is horrible. To watch our friend sob at the funeral, trying to say how much he loved his son, his first born, was heart wrenching.

I hope to never have to see that again.

Tragic, dead at 37.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm baaaaccccckkkk!

So after many moons, I am finally back. I don't have new years resolutions...just a plan.

I am choosing my life this year. Now, don't get me wrong...it's not some fatalistic wow, my life sucked last year (or the year before) kind of thing, but rather an enlightening moment that I had. Okay, be prepared for what may sound like a really dumb thought, but I really realized that this is it...my only life. I talk about the things that I think would be great or fun to do, but then life happens and then the time has passed. I can't get it back, that time I've wasted, but I can choose something different this year.

I love my job. Teaching middle school has both aggravated me and invigorated me. I look at the kids and shake my head in wonder. What makes them think? Do they think?
This year has been crazy...I am teaching math, teaching Lee Academy (and after school program), and taking classes toward my Masters in Teaching Math. This term I am taking 6 graduate credits. I may decide that I am crazy! Time will tell!
All is going well at this end of the world. Adam did well in his first quarter at Southern Oregon, Stesha did great at PCC, Simon is loving high school, and Javad is doing well in Kindergarten.
I will be writing more about Javad o his blog...check it out for more information!
Live, love, choose!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hello from Middle School

What is there to say? Twelve year olds crack me up! I am sorry that I have been away for so long...It has been a crazy year. Two weeks before school started I transferred to teach 7th grade math. It has been awesome, I love the kids, David has been awesome in support, but I am working like crazy. I am also teaching an afterschool program twice a week....

Adam left in August to attend Souther Oregon University. He is loving it and it is going well. The classes he took in high school have bumped him to sophomore status winter term. He is excited about that! He has decided to major in computers, an awesome choice...

Stesha is finishing her associates this year at PCC. School is going really well for her. She was accepted into a program called the Illumination Project which writes and performs plays dealing with oppression, racism, etc. She is very excited about this...She is looking into majoring in psychology and becoming an art therapist. She is looking at four year colleges to transfer to next year.

Simon has started his freshman year at Clackamas. He ran cross country in the fall, plays in the band, and is generally having a great time!

Javad started kindergarten at Cascade Heights Public Charter School this fall. It has been really great, they are working with us to make it successful and HE LOVES SCHOOL!!!

I promise to keep blogging. I had gotten caught astray..

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving...


Thursday, August 23, 2007

My triumphant retrun

Well, It has been almost a month since my return home. Let's see...what has happened?

1. I survived math camp (and the dreaded LF)!
2. Loved my math classes, didn't so much love leadership (shocking!)
3. Transferred jobs (from high school to middle school!)
4. We bought an RV
5. Have spent a heinous amount of time moving crap from one school to another!

Life just rolls on!